Lessons for any skill level, from absolute beginner to seasoned professional. Learn your favorite songs and/or study everything from reading, theory/harmony, ear training, etc. Styles ranging from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Funk and even Metal!

Learn how to sight read and develop your ear together with guidance and the help of a gradual, well paced method! Develop a rich understanding of how chords are built, how to follow and create progressions, accompany a vocalist and/or play solo piano.

Simple, intuitive methods for developing a great sense of rhythm! Enjoy the step by step, comfortable and meditative process of gaining coordination and limb independence; as well as developing technique and exploring creative, musical ideas on the drum set!

Lessons are tailored to your interests! Learn your favorite songs, how to hold a groove, how to lock in with the drummer, read and follow charts, improvisation, walking-bass, and how to jam with others in your favorite styles (e.g. rock, blues, country, jazz, hip-hop, etc)!

The subject of deepest personal vision and the exploration of limitless possibilities. Whether you are interested in writing pop songs with memorable hooks, bombastic heavy metal riffs or commercial jingles - you will need not only inspiration, but an integrated understanding of music theory as well!

Learn about sound engineering, ranging from the conventional to the unorthodox. Whether you need to get the most out of recording on a budget or want to gain total freedom and creative control over your final mixes, come to Northwest Music Studio to take the music industry into your own hands!